May 29

Field Day 2020

A few days ago, the ARRL released a couple of amendments to the Field Day 2020 rules.

The first amendment is for class D stations (Home/Commercial Power). In the past stations operating as class D were unable to receive credited points for contacts with other class D stations. This year, that rule is no longer applicable. Class D stations will receive credited points for all contacts.

The second amendment is for aggregated club scores. In the past this was only allowed for class A stations. For Field Day 2020, this has been waived, allowing all classes to submit their scores for an aggregated club score. What this means, is that when operating from home your score will be summed with other club members scores. Thus resulting in an accumulated club score.

All that is required to do in order to submit your score as part of our Affiliated Club, is to include: Cleveland ARC in the club or team section of your log. This is how we are registered with the ARRL, so spelling must be exact.

This is what we have been waiting on and debating for months. We feel that since many of our members still choose to follow Social Distancing Guidelines this is how we should activate this year.

Also, we are still anticipating activating the KA4J contest station at the club house. Derek Wooley, KD5UBL will be coordinating these efforts. If you are interested in operating from the club house, please contact Derek at kd5ubl@carc.cc so he can schedule everything as needed.

If you are interested in operating individually and submitting your score as an aggregated score for the Cleveland Amateur Radio Club, or have questions, or comments, please feel free to contact me at w4juu@carc.cc 

Also, tune in to any of our club nets for additional information. Complete field day rules can be found at http://www.arrl.org/field-day-rules

Stay Safe, God Bless and 73,