ARRL November Sweepstakes – Club House Activation

The Cleveland Amateur Radio Club will be activating the clubhouse for the ARRL’s November Sweepstakes.

The ARRL’s annual November Sweepstakes is the oldest domestic contest, beginning in 1930. Sweepstakes paused during World War II but came back stronger than ever. It’s a competition between North American stations–individuals, teams, and clubs. For many US and Canadian hams, it is their first contest operation and remains a regular event on their yearly schedule for a lifetime. The contest is somewhat unique in that each station may only be contacted once and the number of different recognized locations(“multipliers”)is limited to the ARRL and RAC sections.

Activation will be on the third full weekend November (Nov. 16-18). Contesting period will begin at 2100z Saturday and run thru 0259z Monday.

Complete details can be found at:

We hope to see you at the clubhouse for the 2019 ARRL Sweepstakes – thanks for your interest!