Nov 18

Ever wanted to learn Morse Code?

Ever wanted to learn Morse Code?

Now’s your Chance. Interested in working DX or SOTA stations? It’s much easier with CW.

Using the material developed by the CW Ops Club you will learn Morse Code in a proven step by step process.

All of your practice exercises are competed using an on-line Morse Code Trainer. So you don’t even need to leave home.

Then once a week we will meet as a group for 1 hour using Skype. During this session, in addition to practice copying, you will also learn how to work DX, how to work a contest and how to make a typical CW QSO.

Class size is limited to 5 and will start January. For more info or to sign up, click <Morse Code>

73 BCNU,
Barry W4LSV