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W4GZX Repeaters

The CARC maintains two Yaesu DR-1x repeaters which are frequency coordinated through the Southeastern Repeater Association (SERA) and may be operated under club policies and the rules and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission. Both repeaters are configured for Automatic Mode Select (AMS) to support the proprietary Yaesu System Fusion digital mode.

Two Meter / VHF Band

Our 2-meter repeater transmits at 146.925MHz with a negative input offset (146.325MHz) and a subaudible tone of 114.8Hz. The repeater is used weekly for the Bradley County Auxilary Communications Service / Amateur Radio Emergency Services net which is conducted on Monday nights at 8:00 pm.

70-Centimeter / UHF Band

Our 70-centimeter repeater transmits at 444.275MHz with a positive input offset (449.275MHz). No subaudible tone is required.

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