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Field Day 2017 is June 24th to 25th, 2017


For the last 2 years, the Cleveland Amateur Radio Club has held Field Day at it’s clubhouse on Johnson Blvd overlooking the city of Cleveland on one side and the Southern Appalachian mountains on the other.  We are fortunate to have a clubhouse and the members elected to have it fully able to operate in emergency situations by installing a propane powered generator that will power the entire facility.  We also house several repeater installations at this facility.

Can you believe that we are only 4 Saturdays away from Field Day?  We had a great meeting last week and this is a follow up with assignments for this year.

These are the Chairmen/Co-Chairmen   VOLUNTEERS ARE WELCOME AND NEEDED!!
  • Safety Committee—Jack McCarty
  • Food Committee—–Jean Clayton, Sandy Forquer, Sandy White, Phyllis Nichols
  • Publicity & Media—-Bob Gault, Jose Minay & Derek Wooley
  • Facilities—————Jack McCarty and Ernest Day
  • Hospitality————-Doug Forquer, Reggie McCarn & Steve Weber
  • Automation————Chris Hunter, Buddy Kimsey
  • Antennas————–Jesse Rogers, Steve Weber, Jack McCarty
  • Equipment————-Jesse Rogers, Barry Fluxe, Richard Carey, Chris Hunter, Buddy Kimsey
  • Operations————Jesse Rogers, Buddy Kimsey

Please email me if I missed you and you wish to serve on any of these committees.

If you haven’t noticed the grounds around the club house, give it a second look.  Wow!  Our President (Not Donald, but Steve) single handed got the Kudzu gone (at least for now) and we actually have some space we can use for antennas.  Each Saturday, we will informally have work sessions to get the work done.  We were scheduled to already have the antennas up and running.  Lets try to get that laid out and put up this Saturday.  We have the new anonymously donated Vertical Antenna to assemble and decide where to put it as well as relocating the folded dipole.

We were scheduled to finalize the club layout this Saturday.  As mentioned in the last club meeting, the Food committee (Jean and the ladies) will need to work with the Facilities committee (Jack and Ernie) to figure this out.  It is quite important that we are able to get to the food!

The radio Captains are as follows:

The Icom 7600 has been put into service and we have hooked it up to N1MM Logging Software.  It has been assigned to the main club house for 40 meter SSB to maximize its exposure to the club members.  Jesse Rogers is in charge of that rig.

The Icom 746 Pro will be on the Tri-Bander and the 6 meter and 2 meter beams. Chris Hunter is responsible for that rig.

The Elecraft K3 is Barry Fluxe’s baby and will be primarily on 40 CW, but possibly on other bands using the new vertical.

Richard Carey will man the digital rig once again bringing his personal rig to the club.  We hope to get the folded dipole re-located for better performance.

I will bring my Icom 756 Pro III for use on the G5RV.  We will likely be spending time on 80  and possibly 20 and 15 if open.

Thanks to Ron Watson, we will have band pass filters for every rig.  I have some that we have used in the past.  These will not totally solve the interference, but with better antenna placement as well as the filters, we hope to have less problems.

We will have Sign Up Sheets at the club house beginning this Saturday to schedule a time to operate. This is an effort to get more operating and logging.  If you are a night owl and would like to operate in the wee hours, sign up also.

Please let me know if you have any question, ideas, comments, etc.  This event has been fun for us all for many years.  I am trying to get a Field Day Tab on our web site.  I have just started and it is not as easy as some have said.  If you have pictures of past field day activities, please send them to me to have some good content.  Please describe the picture so I will know who is in it, where it was and the date.