Cleveland Amateur Radio Club to activate as W1AW/4 in March!

  It is with great excitement, I am able to announce that the Cleveland Amateur Radio Club has been invited to activate as W1AW/4 for the ARRL’s “The Year of The Volunteer” (VOTA) event in 2023. We are currently slated for Saturday evening, March 25th. Our time slot is from 6PM till 9PM. Our operational allowances will be CW, Voice and Digital for 40 Meters, 80 Meters and VHF. For more information on the ARRLs “VOTA” event, please visit the ARRLs website:

   This will be a hybrid activation. We will be activating the club house for 40 and 80 meters digital. Members will be requested to activate the other bands and modes from home. Fortunately, we had members step up early on and agree to take the majority of these time slots to ensure we had everything covered. But in good ham radio spirit, these guys are willing to share.
    If you are interested in activating as W1AW/4, either from the club house, from your QTH or are interested in partnering up with some of the other members, please let me know. It has been nearly a decade since the league has given us the opportunity to do this and we want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at and be sure to follow our website and Facebook page for upcoming details and important event information.
        73, God Bless es GUD DX !