May 13

Cleveland Amateur Radio Club Auction

The Cleveland Amateur Radio Club will be auctioning off the equipment below.  Bids can be placed by clicking on the link below, by sending an email to KA4ELN@gmail.com, or calling KA4ELN @ 423-593-8113.

Bids will be taken on this website up until 6:30 PM on Tuesday May 26, 2020.  The highest bids for each item will be announced at the Cleveland Amateur Radio Club meeting on the 146.925 MHz – T114.8 repeater.  Bids will continue to be taken on the Net (meeting) up until 7:30 or until Club President Steve Weber KA4ELN calls the bidding closed.


Equipment Listing:


3 Element 6-Meter Beam (No Picture)


8 Element 2-Meter Beam

Comet CX-333 Tri-Band 2M/220/440 Base Station (2 Sections)

Cushcraft R-7 Vertical

Cobra & Midland CB radio + Audiovox 4 amp Power Supply

7 Element UHF (440 MHz) Beam

2m/440 Vertical Base Station (very used)

2 Element 72 MHz Beam ?????

Butternut Base loaded Vertical ?????

5 Element UHF (440 MHz) Beam

You may place as many bids as you want for as many items as you want.  A separate submission must be made for each bid and each item.

To place a bid on one of these items click here: https://forms.gle/yqQ113T1FXbtjUri8