Radio Night!

The Cleveland Amateur Radio Club is pleased to announce: Radio Night. That’s right! All new for 2023, the CARC will be activating the club house, located at 560 Johnson BLVD. in Cleveland, TN, the first Tuesday of the month, each month, for casual operation.

If you are looking to further you knowledge about the operational capabilities of the club house, learn about different modes, experience different operating privileges or are just looking to make some good ole’ fashion QSO’s, then this activation is for you!

At present, there is no formal plan as to how or what we will operate, so bring your curiosity!

Radio Night will start on the first Tuesday in February, Feb. 7th at 6PM. There is no set time to stop. Just whenever we are ready to.

Let’s play some radio!

73 es Gud DX!

Monday Night Code Class / Thursday Night SSCW Net for 2023


The Cleveland Amateur Radio Club will be resuming the Monday Night CW Class and the Thursday Night Slow Speed CW Net for 2023 next Monday, January 16th. These activities are specialized for the learning and advancement of Morse Code procedures and practices. Code Class will begin at 6:30pm at the clubhouse on 560 Johnson Blvd. in Cleveland, TN. The net will be held the 1st, 2nd and 4th Thursday nights of every month at 7PM EST/EDT (2300 / 0000 UTC), on a frequency of 3.562 MHz +/- QRM. For a SSCW Net Preamble please click the link:

Contest Season 2023 Opening Day Double Header!

Contest Season 2023 Opening Day Double Header!

Contest season 2023 is here and we at the Cleveland ARC are going to open with a bang! This year, we will be starting with a double header…..We will be activating the club house for the North American QSO Party(SSB) and the ARRL January VHF contests…. Complete contest details can be found at the links below. Both activations will begin January 21st. The NAQP will start at 1PM eastern followed by the VHF contest at 2PM eastern. Hope to see everyone there!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the Cleveland Amateur Radio Club!



“It’s really wonderful to enter the new year with Jesus Christ… all through the year to be going along with Christ and have Christ going along with you. No matter what the problems, many of them uncertain, many mysteries out there in the future, but Christ is with you.” – Billy Graham

It’s that time of the year!

It’s that time of the year again! Time to renew your annual membership for the Cleveland Amateur Radio Club. We currently offer three easy ways to do this. 1: Mail in your dues and membership application to Cleveland ARC / P.O. Box 2683 / Cleveland, TN 37320-2683 2: Pay in person the next time you are at the club house. 3: Pay online with PayPal.

This year, as an added bonus, those who successfully submit an application for renewal or new membership, for full membership, and pay their dues on or before January 23rd, will be entered in a drawing for a new Yaesu FTM-300D transceiver.

The drawing will be held on January 24th at the second official club meeting.

            73 and Gud DX,

                                  Cleveland ARC